Chipseal FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

“Tar and chip” is a phrase that refers to a liquid form of asphalt and stone aggregate. Someone must have thought at one point that “tar and chip” had a better sound to it than “liquid asphalt and stone.”

We call it “chipseal!”

chipseal drivewayTar And Chip Driveways

When considering driveway materials, most people don’t think of tar and chip (also referred to as chipseal, seal chip or chip and seal) right off the bat. Pavers, gravel, asphalt, concrete- those are some of the common choices for driveway materials. However, just because you might not be familiar with tar and chip (chipseal) doesn’t mean it isn’t something you should consider.

You’ve definitely driven over plenty of tar and chip parking lots and roadways before. For people who would like to keep their expenses down and have a natural and beautiful driveway, chipseal is a good choice.

Tar and chip driveways provide a more solid surface compared to plain gravel and are less expensive than asphalt. They have a rough texture as well, which provides better footing when they are covered in snow or when wet.

Chipseal (tar and chip) is the oldest form of asphalt paving dating back to Roman times. Hot liquid asphalt is applied through a computerized distributor covered using washed gravel or stone in multiple layers rolled for compaction. This is a environmentally friendly asphalt and the final coloring can be natural rock but with all the benefits of asphalt. This method is very durable and this job is normally half the cost of other paving methods.

Maintaining A Chipseal Driveway

Tar and chip driveways really don’t require any regular maintenance. Unlike asphalt, you don’t have to seal them every year. However, there can be problems when it comes to snow removal. If a snowplow is used for clearing your driveway, it could damage the surface. Be sure the plow ride just over the driveway for best results. You can use a shovel to remove the leftover snow or just let it melt away on its own.

What Is The Life Span Of A Chipseal Driveway?

The surface of a tar and chip driveway can be expected to last 7 to 10 years.

How Much Do Chipseal Driveways Cost?

Given that it is made up mostly of gravel and asphalt, it is useful to compare its cost with the two other major choices for a driveway. Typically, pricing for a tar and chip driveway is similar to  an asphalt drive and costs more than a gravel driveway.

How Do You Build A Chipseal Driveway?

It is a fairly simple process to build a tar and chip driveway. First of all, like with a majority of driveway materials, you need to install a gravel base. Next you pour hot liquid asphalt over the gravel. A layer of loose stones comes next. They get rolled into the asphalt which results in the finish surface being formed. You can install tar and chip on top of existing driveway materials if they are in fairly good shape.

The top stone layer is where you have choice that you can make in terms of how you want your finished driveway to look. There are various colors of stones that you can choose from to create a surface that is personally appealing and unique.

However, there is one problem that you might have trying to get a tar and chip driveway built, which is there aren’t many contractors specializing in this kind of work. It’s also definitely not a DIY kind of project. So before you get completely committed to the idea of having a tar and chip driveway, you should do some online searches to see if you can locate someone within you local area who has the necessary equipment and experience.

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